What is Shen?

In Chinese medicine “Shen” can be translated as Spirit or Mind. It is our consciousness, mental health & vitality, and our awareness.

The Shen lives in our Heart. If our Shen is disturbed, there may be insomnia or dream disturbed sleep. Our Shen resides in our blood, if the quality of our blood is deficient it will effect our mind.  External or internal Heat (of various Organs) may disturb the Shen.

The health of our Shen is visible in the eyes. Healthy Shen produces bright, shining eyes. Disturbed Shen produces dull eyes, which seem to have a veil in front of them – as if no one were behind them. If an individual has had a long-term emotional problem, illness or a serious shock (such as a car accident) it will effect their Shen.


Published on October 8, 2017

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